Search Engine Marketing

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Search Engine Marketing keeps you in front of your ideal customers. If they search for your competitor’s product, you’re the first result, every time. We ensure results by using Professionally written copy, pin-point accurate targeting and structured campaigns. Have a look at how we do SEM below.

Our Process

First, we start with research:

  • Market Size Estimation with Monthly search estimation and some Estimated results.
  • Keyword Research includes the first round of keywords, ranked by popularity and position.
  • Budget & Result Estimation includes creating Cost Per Click (CPC) spend estimates based on search volume and keyword popularity.

After our research, we’ll implement your ads:

  • Implementation includes the final round of Keyword Development with A/B tests for all keyword combinations.
  • Creation of AdGroups and individual ads using previous research and data.

And then we monitor, maintain and update your ads:

  • Validate and update researched keywords
  • re-evaluate CPC ad spend
  • prepare new A/B tests (if keywords are updated) and implement A/B test results

These are all part of the essential monitoring and maintenance of your ads

Our packages

Starter package

Cost = Your chosen Ad Spend + One-time Setup Fee

  • Complete Client Reporting
  • 24/7 Support
  • Profession Copy Writing
  • A/B Testing
  • Management Fee

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$99 one-time setup fee

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Business package

Cost = Your Monthly Ad Spend + Account Fee

  • Complete Client Reporting
  • Profession Copy Writing
  • A/B Testing
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • 24/7 Support
  • Setup Fee

Ready to take your Digital Advertising to the next level? Our business package guarentees results with professional copy writing, A/B testing and complete client reporting!
$299 account management fee

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what can you expect?

Here are some examples of what you could expect. Bear in mind that these are only examples and your mileage WILL vary.

  • $300 ad spend: average 500 – 650 website clicks from average of 50k impressions
  • $500 ad spend: average 900 – 1000 website clicks from an average of 80k impressions
  • $2000 ad spend: average 3500 – 4000 website clicks from an average of 200k impressions

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