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Your website is the pinnacle of your digital presence. It’s the first place people go, and the best place for capturing leads or selling products. Our website process enables high-quality results with high conversion rates; Browse our process below to see how we make it happen.

Our Website process

1) Initial concept design
First things first, we carefully analyse what type of site you need and where the site needs to perform. This step is important to setting the theme of the project; as a result, we will have a few consultations here.

2) User Interface and Experience design
The design of menus, interactions and the user’s ideal navigation path is where we carefully craft the experience of visiting your new website.

3) Design development
Now that we’ve crafted the experience, we develop it into a functional site design. Here we’ll typically have more consultations about the website to ensure you’re happy with its direction.

4) Installation and customisation of Content Management System
Alright, so we have the completed website design, now we get to work constructing it into a functional site.

5) Content transfer/creation including any professional copywriting
Have your own content? Great! Don’t have your own content? Great! We can either use your existing content or get our expert copywriter to whip some up (Our SEO package includes complete copywriting so we’ll waive this fee if you add the SEO pack onto the website).

6) Site testing
Next, we test the site extensively through both smart software and human testing by our quality control team to ensure your site looks and performs it’s best for every visitor.

7) Handover
That’s it! The site is all yours, within just a matter of weeks (usually three or four).

Our Website pricing

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